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I am Heather R. Jefferson

I am the Principal Broker and Insurance Agency Owner

I have a passion to help people from all walks of life. 

I make a point to ensure that all of my clients understand 

what type of insurance their policy consists of and more 

importantly how their insurance policy protects their families.

I have almost 11 years of insurance industry experience.

I am involved in various non-profit and charitable

organizations in the states of Texas and Louisiana.

I have one amazing and brilliant son. I am a college graduate from

Southeastern Louisiana University, with a Marketing and 

Human Resources and Personnel Management degrees 

and also from University of Phoenix (Dallas Campus), 

with an Masters of Business of Administration. 

I would personally love to be your new Insurance Agent and

for you to become apart of the Heritage Insurance Brokerage! PLLC Family!

 Email Heather:

Foremost Landlord and Rental Property Insurance 

Specialist Designation 2021


This badge is awarded upon completion of the Foremost Landlord and Rental Property Insurance Specialist Designation.


Users are awarded this badge when they complete the following requirement:

"Five Week Landlord and Rental Designation"

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